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Ben Heine Photography

Ben Heine is a photographer, painter, drawer and basically a really awesome artist in general, and it is his photography coupled with his amazing drawing ability that has made cause for this inspirational article featuring Ben’s ‘Pencil Vs Camera‘ series! Along with some of his most favourite artworks!

Pencil Vs Camera - 36

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Best of 1x – October 2010

One Exposure ( is known for publishing only photographs that survive their rigorous screening processes and as you would expect the photos that do make it through are among the best on the net! This collection exhibits the finest photographs from one exposure in the month of October, 2010, so please enjoy them and make sure to check out a few of the photographer’s behind the photos, by simply clicking any image!

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Halloween Photography

Halloween is a great time to get your cameras out as well as after Halloween, you might find the remnants such as rotting pumpkins, which can be with the right lighting an extra spooky photo op! As you browse the collection you might find a few digitally manipulated photos, which is also a great idea, try experimenting with grunge textures if you decide to do some further post-processing!

it started out with a kiss...
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Best of Flickr – October 2010

This collection presents some of the bests photographs that made it to ‘Explored’ status, decided by the Flickr Community, during the month of October!

Enjoy, and checkout the photographers behind the images!

All That's Left
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Sand Dune Photography

Sand Dunes are an amazing natural occurrence, and produce picture perfect rippling patterns that would make any photo look great! However, as seen in this collection of photographs the overall image is very much dependant on the photographic eye, and after this healthy dose of inspiration I’m sure you’ll be on your way to photographing sandy dunes!

The Big Red
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