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Best of Flickr – September [Explored]

This collection presents some of the bests photographs that made it to ‘Explored’ status, decided by the Flickr Community, during the month of September!

Enjoy, and checkout the photographers behind the images!

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Hot Air Balloon Photography

Hot Air Balloons are great to see floating in the open skies, with only a body of hot air to keep it off the ground! Although the view from inside the wicker basket is sure to be the best, if grounded you can still produce a range of colourful photographs, and with the use of a long lens you’ll be able to capture the flicking flame from below, as well as making use of the vibrant fabric balloon!

Around the World in 80 days

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Selective Colour Photography

Selective Colour is a great way to draw more attention to the subject and is very easily applied with the right Photoshoping skills! Selective Colour is always a bit of fun and I highly recommend you consider it for your next post-processing session!

Enzo XX Evolution
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Graffiti Photography

Graffiti is defined, according to the dictionary, as drawings and messages. Displayed in public areas where people will see the works and the message from the artist will be conveyed, but not all graffiti is that ‘deep’ and well crafted, as you may know! However, from a photographer’s point of view it creates a colourful photographic subject to photograph!

Graffiti @ Reesink (HDR)

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Lightning Photography

Lightning photography has always been a goal of mine to capture properly, with the right exposure and timing, but I haven’t had many opportunities living in a temperate climate! Photographing Lightning is tricky, but when looked at in a basic sense it is really only about the level of patient you have – standing out in the night and often stormy weather can be a big deterrent! Insight of the cons, have a browse of the photographs below and soon you’ll see that the pros can out weigh the negative aspects with the rewarding results!

The one I wanted...

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