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Spiral Staircase Photography

Spiral Staircases can be fun to photograph, playing with the perspective and distortion of a wide angle lens or viewpoint. Photographing people while moving down/up the stairs is a great feature and especially when coupled with a slightly slow shutter speed, possibly a second – depending on the light, using the blur would create a sense of motion (scroll to it) in the picture and make it much more interesting!

If you’d like to discover more – simply click on any photograph below for more inspiration!

Mechanics' Institute Library

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Ferris Wheel Photography

Ferris Wheels are a great spectacle to photograph and in the case of London ‘The London Eye’ a famous icon for the city! Going beyond the standard tourist photographs of minimal distortion (good, but not the most original) and taken at a distance away from the Ferris Wheel, try to position yourself close-up and photograph with a wide-angle lens. If the Wheel is illuminated – experiment with a slow shutter speed and capture the circular motion, creating a blur of colour and light, and remember to fill the frame – wasting no space in your composition!

Roue et temps

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Awesome Antarctica Photography

Antarctica is an amazing region, and for those lucky enough to visit the cold, icy place I’m sure that the cameras are always out of the bag. But to get the fantastic photographs that you see on the brochures – you need to pick the right time and know all there is to photographing an Antarctic subject! As you may notice as you browse through these photographs, many of them have been taken at sunset or sunrise to get the best available light, however the closer you get to the South Pole you’ll either have light 24/7 or none at all! Also, consider the use of a long lens to ensure you won’t miss any spectacular experiences such as a whale breaching!

Even if you never plan to venture into the Antarctic, please enjoy the photos and click any image below to find out more about the photographer’s work!

Calm water at Skontorp Cove, Paradise Harbor

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Majestic Horse Photography

Horse Photography can be quite an art with the camera effects and lighting used to capture Horses, as seen in the motion blurred photograph of the horse running and the spotlight lit Horse. This collection of Horse photographs is more of a showcase of excellent Horse photographs, but with subtle camera techniques used to photograph them it can be inspirational for when photographing other subjects or animals!

Please enjoy these photographs and visit the photographer’s behind the photo to find more great images that will inspire anybody!


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Unbelievable Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is in some ways surreal, because beneath the waters surface of the great oceans and seas it is so foreign for most of us land creatures! So, if you’d rather forget about your curiosity of the dark blue or just never get around to taking unbelievable underwater photographs, then I hope you enjoy these photographs and maybe in the future you’ll be able to capture that magical moment, without being eaten by some of those bigger fish!

Also, checkout the photographer’s portfolios by simply clicking any photograph below, I’m sure you’ll find even more inspiration!

Amphiprion ocellaris

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