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Beautiful Bird Photography

Birds are beautiful creatures and with such a vast range of colourful species your sure to find a special photo opportunity. At the sight of an unusual bird your first thought would or will be to take a photo, so if this happens or you are a regular bird watcher here is some inspirational photographs for you to think about for the next time you discover a rare beauty!

Please click any photograph you see below to find out more about the photographer’s photographic skill and possibly the secrets to great bird photography!

Silly Walk

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Luminous Light Painting Photography

Light Painting is fun and very easy to do, and all it requires is a camera that can do long exposures, preferably around thirty seconds or more, and a couple of isolated light sources! Then you can go crazy with creativity by waving your light source around making patterns and lines in the air while your camera takes it all in.

Please pay a visit to the artist’s behind the photographs, and in some cases you may learn how they did their work!

light circles 02

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Colourful Countryside Photography

Countryside landscapes are beautiful when coupled with mother-nature like mountains, animals, weather and people. Vast countryside is best captured with a wide angle lens and a small aperture – and a polariser filter or gradient filter can help enormously when coping with the spread of light. Although, High Dynamic Range Photography is very popular with landscape photography, which combines multiple light intensities to produce a better photograph that comes close or even better than what a human eye would see – so you might like to try that as well!

Browse these photographs while analysing the photographs for clues to how you might have photographed it or improved it with your own perspective or techniques – for the next time you are out there shooting, also have a look into the photographer’s work for more ideas by simply clicking their image!

The Setting Sun and the Farm

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Breathtaking River Photography

Photographing rivers with rapids and fast flowing water can create some the most breathtaking photographs you will ever take! When shooting a river it is best not to use a fast shutter speed as this will freeze the flowing water and not depict the river in the way you experienced it! So, try a slow shutter speed of 1/3 seconds or longer, make sure to use a small Aperture (large F number) to make sure everything is in focus and to avoid over exposing – if there is still too much light entering your camera, try placing a ND Filter (Neutral Density) or Polariser in front of your lens!

Enjoy the photographs, and checkout the photographer behind the photo by clicking on the images!

Heal The Waters

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Autumn Colours in Photography

Autumn/Fall is a great time to photograph organic life, and all the reds, oranges and yellow colours that litter the landscape. If you happen to be taking photos of autumn trees in line, experiment with a long lens and this will may help with the depth of field – putting emphasis on the stacked rows (scroll to it). You may find puddles about and this will be a great photo opportunity especially if their leaves around or in the puddle – try to capture the reflection of a tree with focus on the puddle, may yield great results (scroll to it)!


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