September 28, 2010


Autumn Colours in Photography

Autumn/Fall is a great time to photograph organic life, and all the reds, oranges and yellow colours that litter the landscape. If you happen to be taking photos of autumn trees in line, experiment with a long lens and this will may help with the depth of field – putting emphasis on the stacked rows (scroll to it). You may find puddles about and this will be a great photo opportunity especially if their leaves around or in the puddle – try to capture the reflection of a tree with focus on the puddle, may yield great results (scroll to it)!


Aster d'automne...!!!

websters falls revisited

Mirror Lake Autumn


autumn falls...

The Perfect Place to Take a Book


Pagoa III (Haya)



About 13km into the Andes Trek

Morning flight

Calm place to live

Westonbirt Arboretum

A single fallen leaf on Earth


Autumn Framed.


Autumn impression

straight and narrow

Exploring South America

~ Orange Tree ~


Sunflowers: Lost Souls (gold)

Autumn Cycle

Red trees, LWPF, & a path

Ma rivière sauvageonne... au joli ciel d'automne...!!!

Right turn off of Sweetman's Lane

Reflecting on the change of seasons - NJ

Le Petit Prince

Les feuilles magiques

Flaming Red Oak

The winding road

Reflections of Autumn

autumn reflection...

Autumn is on its way !*

Forest flames

A road through fall

Diagonally red

Maple Leaf Structure

The Old Ice Pond at Hinkley Park


Autumn in Ashland

Passionate tree on a cloudy day

the bugs will dance at twilight


Falling rain on leaves in the gutter.

Fallen leaves

Autumn ladybird

landart | elmleafmeander

twohundredandthirtyeight handmade dewdrops

Leaf Points

Whirlpool Rapids Niagara

~ FALLinter ~

Jardines de La Granja.Segovia.

Tears For The Fallen...

Vineyards in Hermonville

Move over, summer, autumn is here now [explored]

Autumn color

Lights of autumn v2

the parade of autumn begins today

Autumn in the City...


Small step into autumn

touch the autumn

Autumn leaves

Overgrown and Autumn Painted

First Autumn Frost | Первые заморозки

autumn leaves 09

The autumn has come

Warm autumn light


If you’d like to explore more Autumn/Fall photography simply click any photograph you see above!

Thank you to all the photographers that allow their photographs to be freely shared!

All Photographs shown here are © Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike!

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