October 6, 2010


Ferris Wheel Photography

Ferris Wheels are a great spectacle to photograph and in the case of London ‘The London Eye’ a famous icon for the city! Going beyond the standard tourist photographs of minimal distortion (good, but not the most original) and taken at a distance away from the Ferris Wheel, try to position yourself close-up and photograph with a wide-angle lens. If the Wheel is illuminated – experiment with a slow shutter speed and capture the circular motion, creating a blur of colour and light, and remember to fill the frame – wasting no space in your composition!

Roue et temps

Santa Monica Pier

Big wheel

Yokohama Wheel

Louis and the Ferris Wheel

Spiegelzeit - the fair on fire

Newport Beach Ferris Wheel

Rainbow over the London Eye

Dark sky ferris wheel

Ferris wheel at night

spin that light

Eden Corn Festival


Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel V2: Color

Disney's California Adventure

Fair Play

the mighty midway in all its glory

Seeing Mickey

Chernobyl/Pripyat Exclusion Zone (040.8111)

rotational upskirt

a fast spin on the sunset afterglow

Fireworks at The Eye On Malaysia

The Seattle Wheel

Nottingham Eye [123/365]

Roller coaster planet

The London Eye

Grote Markt Mei Kermis

ferris flare

Cosmoworld, Yokohama at Night

A wheel

Paris Ferris Wheel rolls on

Big colorful wheel #1

London Eye: Blue-hour HDR




Giant Wheel

Love Is The Wheel That Drives Us


The Green Wheel at Roskilde Festival 2009


Melbourne Ferris Wheel

Reinventing the wheel


As Tall as a Skyscraper

It's back

Ladder to the Lights

Light Holes

Ferris wheel

phoenix revolving

Ferris Wheel, South Bank

If you’d like to discover more – simply click on any photograph above for more inspiration!

Thank you to all the photographers that allow their photographs to be freely shared!

All Photographs shown here are © Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike!

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  1. Oct 7 2010

    Nice photographs

  2. Dec 10 2011

    Amazing pictures!
    I’d like to go to a place to make such pictures.

    I hope that my English is understandable;)


    Niesamowite zdjęcia!
    Chciałbym kiedyś pojechać w takie miejsce, aby zrobić takie zdjęcia.

    Mam nadzieję, że mój angielski jest zrozumiały ;)


  3. shri
    May 8 2012

    wow im not immging


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