September 23, 2010


Phenomenal Planet Photography

Planet (Stereographic Projections) Photography is simply crazy and fun! The technique is not only all about skilful digital manipulations, there are a few really good programs that can help you out there, but the raw photography side is very technical. The use of wide angle lenses help to overcome the need for multiple photographs to get the entire scene, but then there is the mapping of your photographs to ensure that you capture all of the surroundings and not to later find a gap in your equirectangular panorama. However, you can avoid the stitching altogether by making do with a single photo and stretch it around in a circle!

Please have a deeper look into this mind twisting technique by clicking on any photograph – this will show you the artists Flickr page!

Paris s'éveille

Parc départemental du Val-de-Marne

Octopussy planet

Parc de Passy

Notre-Dame de Paris

La Géode

Arc de Triomphe (5)

Butte aux canons

Eiffel planet


Le kiosque des Noctambules

Botanical Garden (Stereographic)

Bigger landing...

Space gate in some place

Place de la république, Lille

Facing Chinagora


The human chessboard

Green Eiffel (400th Wee Planet)


Montmartre s'éveille


Basilique Notre-Dame-du-Cap

Missing the Light of Day (279/365)


Devil's planet

Palm tree

Avenue Cousin de Méricourt

Statue of liberty

Sacré coeur

Saint-Étienne du Mont

Place de l'Institut

Soirée lecture à Shakespeare&Co

Musée du Louvre

Spiral Train

Fountain Planet

Salt Pan Stereographic Panorama

Collignon... tête à gnons !

Bike lane

Eiffel Ball

La caverne aux livres

On a street corner

Château d'Auvers


Église Notre Dame de Bordeaux

Kun Iam Statue

Bratislava special: Two foldable cubes for the price of one!

First 'proper' 360 polar panorama


BBC Television Centre - 360 panorama

Planet LSK


Sunrise Metropolis

Île de la Cité

îlet Pinel (3)

Vieille église de Mérignac

Times Square Madness

Beaches: St Pauls Beach 4 Sorrento Vic Stereographic


Arakawa river around the Iwabuchi sluice

Planet H

Kitasenju station planet

Projection's projection

the calton torus

Six columns

Goatfell Summit - Spherical Panorama

British Museum

Arnaud's Room

Beaches: Sphinx Rock Ocean Beach Sorrento Vic Stereographic


Planet New York


Belgium Windmills

Planet Anderson Dock

Beati illi qui in circulum circumeunt,

Steppingstones planet



Maze ball

"Acros Hakata"

Holding up the sky

Mountain spider

As you might have noticed a very clever Frenchmen ‘Alexandre’ (aka Gadl) is behind the majority of these photographs and I hope you pay him a visit for more of his masterpieces!

If you’d like to know more about this technique or want more inspiration please follow the links:

Photographing Equirectangular Panoramas and Editing!

How to make a Globe/Planet photo manipulation in GIMP Planet Manipulation Video Photoshop Tutorial:

Thank you to all the photographers that allow their photographs to be freely shared!

All Photographs shown here are © Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike!

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  1. Sep 29 2010

    Nice collection, there are a few planets I haven’t seen before. And thanks for including one of my planets in the list.

    But most of the planets here are stereographic projections of a equirectangular panorama. And the tutorials are showing polar transformations. In Gadls descripton for his Wee planets set he describes the difference.

    • Sep 29 2010

      Hi Klaus,

      Yeah, I should add a few more links for this, also thank you for your inspirational photography!

  2. Oct 9 2010

    Dang! That’s pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing… makes me want to play some MG2.

  3. Oct 10 2010

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oct 12 2010

    Michael: Your work is breathtaking…such clarity and composition. It’s just a joy to see what you can do.
    If you get a chance visit an old man’s ite at
    Center Line Images and leave a comment or suggestion. Again, spectacular imagery. Dan

    • Oct 13 2010

      Thanks Dan, unfortunately I have only one photograph in this great collection! I agree though, these photographs are breathtaking!

  5. Oct 13 2010

    Great work.
    Amazing pictures.

  6. PhilC
    Oct 13 2010

    Best of show for abstract/reality distortion; really original stuff. Thanx for sharing.

  7. Oct 14 2010

    Really great photos. Awesome…

  8. Shahid
    Oct 17 2010

    Great great great photos.

  9. Oct 20 2010

    1 word: AWESOME
    Thanks for sharing =)

  10. Oct 22 2010

    Does this pictures was taken by an alien, or by a celtic alien eye camera persona?

  11. Oct 31 2010

    Fantastic awesome photographs this is now what I call photographic art.
    More about Vampire High

  12. Nov 21 2010

    awesome post – tons of great examples!

    if anyone out there is interested I have a tutorial on my site that shows how to make these


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