November 1, 2010


Best of 1x – October 2010

One Exposure ( is known for publishing only photographs that survive their rigorous screening processes and as you would expect the photos that do make it through are among the best on the net! This collection exhibits the finest photographs from one exposure in the month of October, 2010, so please enjoy them and make sure to check out a few of the photographer’s behind the photos, by simply clicking any image!

Scotland by Krzysztof Nowakowski


Sahara by Rui Pires

No gain without pain

No gain without pain by Gerard Sexton


Explosion by Dave Nitsche

Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines by Ronald Koster


Cool... by Fernand Hick

Photo Breakfast

Photo Breakfast by Ralf Mack

Flying Dog

Flying Dog by Cristina Palma Moreira


kintyakuta by kouji tomihisa

Waiting for the belling boy

Waiting for the belling boy by Jeannette Oerlemans

white situation

white situation by amir hosein shojaii

Sunny Night 5

Sunny Night 5 by Hasan Almasi


Untitled by mahmodtorabi


*** by Zhecho Planinski

the rituals

the rituals by Zulkarnain Katili

Level one

Level one by Marcus Björkman

Lake & Light

Lake & Light by Arnov Setyanto

Waiting for the miracle

Waiting for the miracle by Matjaz Cater

Atmosphere of a spring morning # 2..

Atmosphere of a spring morning # 2.. by Edmondo

I am free.

I am free. by dakota.K

Belling for the girls!

Belling for the girls! by Jeannette Oerlemans

Morning Has Broken

Morning Has Broken by Arnov Setyanto

Faith, hope, and love

Faith, hope, and love by Nikolai Zinoviev

Wave 7455

Wave 7455 by David Orias

Tuscan painting..

Tuscan painting.. by Edmondo

Resting in peace

Resting in peace by Risquillo

Just born

Just born by doron nissim


crematory by Sven Fennema

Blue pond & First snow

Blue pond & First snow by Chimaki

Autumn Concert

Autumn Concert by Magdalena Wasiczek

Fields full of desert

Fields full of desert by rokoko

Under the shadows of giants

Under the shadows of giants by Peter Svoboda

Our Galactic Neighborhood

Our Galactic Neighborhood by Luis Argerich

Jewelery Box

Jewelery Box by Barbara

The Cyclist

The Cyclist by Risquillo


Noah by Pawel Kucharski

Blue water

Blue water by Heidi Westum

Lost between worlds

Lost between worlds by Leszek Bujnowski

Little Owls

Little Owls by Uri Kolker

Sunset in Thailand

Sunset in Thailand by laurentlesax

Thank you to all the photographers that allow their photographs to be freely shared!

All Photographs shown here are © All Rights Reserved!

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