October 12, 2010


Urban Decay Photography

Urban Decay is fascinating to me, just how a once populated area like a theatre can then become a mess of peeling wallpaper and fallen structures, simply left empty to decay in the shadows. Besides that, decaying buildings can be a fantastic hotspot for photography, with deserted hallways and the sun creeping in through broken windows there is plenty to snap away at!

the old winery

the forgotten staircase

forgotten tragedy

leave this life

the pastors chair

Eternal staircase

intrappolato anime

::: Out.Of.Nothing :::


Doors and Windows

Feel like bathin'?

the Broken Chair

education lost

percorso della luce

craving for saviour

chateau des ancêtres

The Missing Handrail

Cinema Strange

Mémoires d'un charbonnage

Cyclone Chamber





it ends in green

If you’d like to discover more – simply click on any photograph above for more inspiration!

A prominent photographer for this collection was Sven Fennema, so I recommend you checkout Sven’s portfolio!

Tips for Urban Decay Photography

Thank you to all the photographers that allow their photographs to be freely shared!

All Photographs shown here are © All Rights Reserved!

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  1. Oct 12 2010

    Does anyone take raw photographs anymore? These are awesome photos, however, every single one has HDR applied to them.

    I want to see decay at its finest . . . with NO effects.


    • Oct 13 2010

      Yes, that is a fair point, however I think the HDR effect works nicely for this subject!

  2. Apr 10 2011

    Hey Mike,

    I really enjoyed your images. I worked as a hazmat chemist, and now for the last 18 yrs treat ppl in pain. Part of what I do to balance my life is work in glass, and now cloth, with a bit of painting. I am still haunted by images of the disposal facilities and waste clean up projects I have done in the past, combined with the Pain that ppl I work with feel. Chemistry, the inflammation on the earth and environment, and now in ppls bodies. I keep getting images in my mind that I haven’t figured out how to put down on paper yet. You have a bit of it though. Abandonment, paths, doorways into light, or decay if the wrong path is chosen. Anyway, I ramble. Thank you for sharing the pics.


  3. Ash
    Dec 22 2011

    I love your work!!!

  4. Feb 6 2012

    Cool to see some of my pic’s here?

    • Feb 18 2012

      Thank you for being my inspiration!

  5. Jason Hindle
    Oct 13 2012

    Beautiful. Detroit by chance? We don’t get many opportunities for this type of photography in the UK as disused properties get locked up for “Elf and Safety” reasons.


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