September 20, 2010


High Speed Water Splash Photography

High Speed Photography is great fun when combined with water, as you scroll through the photographs you’ll see how much creativity can be had with only a few simple requirements and understandings. High speed photography was the first photographic interest of mine, and created a basis for my desire to be more creative with my photography!

I hope you find this of interest and drive you to learn more, which is easily done by clicking any photograph – this will bring you to all of the photographer’s work.

Flying Milk

Habanero splash

♥ is in the water

Birthday Splash

Lemon Splash

Splash in a Drop

Coffee and Milk

Sulfurous Pit

strawberry splash

Lemon Splash


Splash (Flickr Colors)

hidden colors

Drop in a Dime


Royal Splash

If you like it blue

Big Splash


Blue Has Many Faces

03-04-10 Splash ~ Explored :)

Splashhhhhhhh hehehehe


Take my heart!

Coffee & Splash

Splash with teflon!


A Messy Milkshake Recipe



Dinge die ins Wasser fallen

Cookies and Milk

coffee & tirami-su = splash


orange in water

[77-365] Splaaaaash!




Orange Slice Splash

One More Chance

Eye, don't cry

Sliding table III - Explore

[179-365] Oops.. I've spilt the coffee!

Pink Crown

Sliding table I - Snake in a glass - Explore

Domo Splash!

Splash 1

Strawberry Milk Splash 0015

Mr.Escher, a Sun and Something Else

Water Crown (green)

Red crown

Splish, splish, splash, spash

Strawberry diadem

H 2 Oh!?

Embedded world

Milky Music VI - Explore

Liquid Sculpture Experiments

Splashing water #4

Water Splash 1

a celebrity [water] drop

Water Splash - 3rd Session - 09

Water drop, splash

Splash of Water


Water Splash

Lemon Drop







Freedom falling


Blue Splash

Water Drop Splash

G is for Garland [66/365 - 052409]


day 1

Paternò - Coffee crown

Cookie Splash v1

Coffee Splash !!!!

The New Way
The New Way
by Cymaii

If you’d like to know more about this technique or want more inspiration please follow the links:

Martin Waugh Liquid Sculptures

Water Splash Inspiration

How to photograph Water Splashes

Video Tutorial:

Martin Waugh on Time Warp:

Thank you to all the photographers that allow their photographs to be freely shared!

All Photographs shown here are © Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike!

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  1. Joseph Slimming
    Sep 20 2010

    Hi, Some really nice pictures there. I am an AS photography student and I have been focusing on water splashes for Unit 1 of the course. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about yourself as a photographer to help me with part of my course?

  2. admin
    Sep 20 2010

    Hi Joseph,

    I’d be happy to answer a few questions, via email!



    Michael Scott


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