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Inspiration #3

I have found a couple of stunning time-lapse videos today – brought on by my interest in the time-lapse abilities of the Nikon inbuilt interval timer (hoping to buy on of these days)! I’ve also showcased some amazing work from Michael Anderson and several others, which you should checkout further by following the links!

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Inspiration #2

I have many sources of inspiration on the web and by posting this list of my day-to-day inspiration I hope to help you find the same! Overtime, I’d like this series to grow and make a daily occurrence for all to enjoy, so send me an email with your great finds too! I’ve recently become amazed with the Nikon interval timer (I’m hoping to upgrade to a Nikon), and have searched all there is about the Nikon feature, but if you have your own Nikon experiences with it please send me some pictures and I’ll add them to the next inspiration article!

Edmondo Senatore Edmondo Senatore
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Inspiration #1

Today I decided to release a new chain of posts that will contain my day-to-day inspirations and anything that appeals to you as readers! I hope to not only include my own interests, but encourage others to send links or submit their own photos/graphics to share and in turn gain exposure for them! So, please do not hesitate to send me an email whenever you have something cool to share, contact me via email here or simply comment below!

Rakaposhi (7788 m)
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